jQuery Rulezzz

I was in a small seminar that BostonPHP organized about jQuery. For me, as a js-phobic person, it was a real discovery. To avoid coding JavaScript I normally would prefer frameworks like GWT… I also tried Prototype a while ago, but didn’t like it.

Now I have a really nice alternative – jQuery. The inventor of this cool framework, John Resig, was himself giving a crash course in the seminar. I don’t want to repeat it here, the documentation is very exhaustive. Just quick facts/notes:

  • Compatible with major browsers
  • Backwards compatibility of the framework is ensured via plug-ins
  • Huge and active community, many nice plug-ins available
  • jQuery UI to show up in a couple of days. Provides many prebuilt widgets
  • Performance is great, memory management is great, the size is minimal (~ 15 KB)
  • Hosted on Google with other AJAX libraries
  • Arround 10 000 000 downloads to date

All in all pretty impressive.


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