Remove an Account

How I hate when I sign up for some service and then I can’t remove myself from it. Of course for service providers it’s fine, just several records in the DB, but for me… I loose control of my data.

What made me write this post is Audible. I thought, I’d buy an audiobook, and this service seems to be well known around the world. So I added my book to the shopping cart, and was required to sign up in order to proceed. Which I did, but then I was notified that I can’t place an order because I am not in the right geography (I live in Switzerland).

Hell, I thought, and went to Amazon, but the audiobook store there actually brings you to Audible for downloads… And there I got the same message.

Ok, then it doesn’t make sense for me to be on Audible, if I live in the wrong place:) However, I can’t find the way to remove my account. All the credit card details are there, and I can’t delete at least those… This really sucks.

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